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Daniel Cohen Wang

August, 1997
I was born on August 29th, 1997 at 8:20am. My birth weight was 3351 gm (7lb 6oz).

May, 2000

According to my mother estimates, I would soon be able to edit my own page, which would improve it by a lot. Meanwhile, she maintains it.

My name is Daniel, but I go by "Dani" or "Danny", which are pronounced almost the same in the two languages I speak. At least, my mother can not make the distinction. Yes, I am bilingual, speaking Engligh and Hebrew, and my father hopes that one day I will also speak Chinese. I sometimes traslate to English for my Israeli mother and to Hebrew for my American father, so I help them communicate and get by. I tried both languages on my little brother Ben, but he does not really understand yet. He can only say "Aaa" and I once heard him say "Ima", even though my parents doubt it. I like Ben a lot. In fact, one of the first things I asked my mother in the hospital after he came out is for a 3rd baby. I still ask for one, but I only want another brother not a sister. Actually, I recently saw a mother and father geese with 5 little ones, and I asked my mother for "3 more brothers."

I already did much more travelling than my grandparents did by the time they were 40. I travel between 3 coasts: NJ, CA and Tel-Aviv, and live in all 3 places. In Tel-Aviv, I enjoy the parks, beach, Saba and Savta (my grandparents) and my cousins Dana and Amit. In NJ I enjoy by uncle Menash who is temporarily in the US, helping daddy clean our fish pond, and collecting leaves. In CA I like the outdoors, the parks, the bay, the ocean and sea mammals, and the SF Zoo. I also like my friends in all 3 daycares. I can not handwrite yet ("words ONLY with 'vav' and 'nun sofit'", which are Hebrew letters which resemble lines), but I can type on a keyboard, in both English and Hebrew, including complete alphabets in straight and reverse orders, and read and spell many words. I can also do some counting (to a 100) and math, I can add and subtract small integers. I like numbers, plants, fruits and vegetables, animals, and trees, and I am better in classifying them than my parents jointly. I was facinated by leaves and colors since before I was 1 year old. I can also, with my uncle Menash help, walk on the ceiling.