Edith Cohen (E-deet)

I was born in Tel Aviv , Israel , next to the Meditteranean, to my parents Amy and Eliahu. Soon after I was joined by my sister Mirit and then my brother Menashe. We were raised mostly in Tel Aviv, but spent several years of our childhood in Arad, which is a small town in the Negev desert. My parents, Mirit, and Menash happily live in Tel Aviv. Mirit married Lior and they have two great kids, Dana (born November 11, 95) and Amit (born March 11, 99). My father is now retired and was, for many years, the head of the foreign exchange and money market operations of Israel Discount Bank. I met my husband, Alex Wang, at the Stanford computer science Ph.D progam. We had great time at Stanford, and years later went back to Stanford to get married, in August 1996. Alex is a managing director in Arbitrade , and before that was a partner at D. E. Shaw and Co.. He was born in NC, USA, and grew up in Chicago , and he loves hamburgers, The Bulls, and The Bears. I always think it is quite a miracle that we managed to find each other. We greatly enjoy our two sons, Daniel, born on August 29th, 1997, and Ben, born on November 20th, 1999. We currently live on two coasts, in NJ and CA, and often spend time on a third, in Tel Aviv. Aside from my family and research, I enjoy outdoors and exercise in a variety of forms, including (but not limited to...) hiking, skiing, cycling, swimming, basketball, scuba diving, and tennis. I love oceans deserts and mountains and have special thing for the Red Sea, the Pacific, and ofcourse the Meditterenean.


May, 2000